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  • Slug Bait Poisoning

    Are Your Pets Safe?

    Spring is a beautiful time of the year in the Northwest. Slugs think so too! Spring rain and new, tender plantings in our gardens are a slug’s dream come true. It’s common practice to set out slug bait to rid...

  • The Maine Coon

    The Debated OriginsThe Maine Coon is one of the oldest feline breeds in North America. There are numerous myths and legends surrounding its origins. A widespread belief is that the Maine Coon had its start in a mating be...

  • Toy Breed Hypoglycemia

    Many dog breeds have been painstakingly bred to enhance useful characteristics such as tracking, guarding, hunting and herding. The development of the toy dog breeds, however, has produced tiny companions for pure enjoym...

  • Ear Ye, Ear Ye!

    The Importance of Canine Ear Care

    Are you WAY too familiar with the smell of your dog’s ears? Does he keep you up at night shaking his head and scratching? It’s not normal for a dog’s ears to smell, itch, or feel hot. Healthy ears have ...

  • Hairballs in Cats

    Cats and Hairballs: Causes and Remedies

    You might know what it’s like. Your quiet, regal, self-composed feline suddenly crouches and stretches her neck, body convulsing, and starts making horrible hacking, wheezing and gagging noises. After much ado, she...

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