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Cat Boarding: Why Cats Love Luxury Boarding

Cat Boarding or Kitten Boarding while you're away? Based in Wilsonville, Animal Care Clinic also serves Beaverton, Lake Oswego, Tualatin and the Portland Metro area. Their cat boarding staff provide the best in cat care: Lots of love and personal attention daily plus luxury cat condos and an exercise area right in their own veterinary clinic! That's what makes the Animal Care Clinic one of the most desirable cat boarding

Dog Boarding: Why Love Boarding and Day Care

Meet some of the puppies and dog boarders from this dog boarding facility in Wilsonville, near Portland, Oregon.

Learn about dog boarding, puppy boarding, kennels and pet daycare at the Animal Care Clinic of Wilsonville, Oregon, serving Wilsonville.

Water Treadmill for Dog Arthritis, Joint Pain, Neurological Problems, Rehabilitation

Water Treadmill for Dog Arthritis, Joint Pain, Neurological Problems, Rehabilitation.

Water Treadmill Physical Rehabilitation

Cat + Dog Arthritis, Joint Pain Healed with Water Treadmill, Portland, OR

To see if your pet would benefit from the water treadmill please call us at 503-682-1794.

Animal Care Clinic

29020 Town Center Loop E, Suite 102

Wilsonville, Oregon 97070

For general information, questions, appointment requests, call us at:

Phone number: 503-682-1794 or email to [email protected]

Fax number: 503-682-2174

For after-hour emergencies, call Emergency Clinic of Tualatin at: 503-691-7922

We're available for dog and cat boarding. Call us for more information.


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