COVID-19 Updates and Safety Precautions

COVID-19 Updates and Safety Precautions

Concierge Level Pet Care at Animal Care Clinic

In light of this period of uncertainty with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we understand that there are concerns about interactions with the public. We have implemented the recommended social distancing measures in the workplace as instructed by the CDC. 
We are concerned about reducing person-to-person contact and are now offering the following services:

  1. Drop-off Service: For previously scheduled appointments, scheduled anesthetic procedures, or emergencies we can take history and specifics about your pet’s visit over the phone, before you arrive, or when you are in the parking lot. Call us upon your arrival @ 503-682-1794. We will meet you in the parking lot, and escort your cat (must be in a carrier) or dog (must be on a secure leash) into the clinic. We will call you with questions. We will not proceed without your explicit approval. Regular appointment price is $64.
  2. Remote Check Out Options:
    1. We can email the exam notes and check out instructions.
    2. We can bring you a copy of the exam notes and check out instructions to your vehicle.
    3. We can call you to discuss the exam notes and check out instructions.
  3. Remote Pay: We can take payment for services over the phone with credit cards, or in person in the parking lot if that suits you (cash/check/credit card). We will come out to your vehicle to review charges and take payment back into the clinic and return with a receipt.
  4. Food and Medication Pick-Up: If you have ordered food or medication for pick up, we can deliver this to your vehicle, so you won’t need to get out of your car. The payment can be completed as described in item 3 (above).


For your information, Animal Care Clinic has implemented an increased frequency of sanitizing all surfaces with antiseptic wipes throughout our facility as well as have hand sanitizer/antiseptic soap as needed to all of our clients. We have instituted guidance to our employees to stay home from work if they become feverish or have any respiratory symptoms. Thank you for your understanding during this time.

Animal Care Clinic

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For general information, questions, appointment requests, call us at:

Phone number: 503-682-1794 or email to [email protected]

Fax number: 503-682-2174

For after-hour emergencies, call Emergency Clinic of Tualatin at: 503-691-7922

We're available for dog and cat boarding. Call us for more information.


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