Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Overnight Cat Boarding and Long Term Cat Boarding at Animal Care Clinic

Going out of town? Make a reservation to board your feline friend in our Kitty Condo Suites! We know your cat would always prefer to be at home with you. But at Animal Care Clinic we work hard to keep your pet comfortable, happy, and stress-free while you are away.

The Kitty Condos

Our cat boarding condos are multi-level “estate rooms”. Each is furnished with a kitty cat-nap bed, play toys, and a “business box”. The business box is located on the bottom level below the living space where a complete ventilation system prevents any odors from saturating the upper levels. One of the nicest amenities within a kitty condo is the large window that goes from the bottom to the top level, giving our boarders lots of changing scenery to observe throughout the day. It also allows the room to be flooded with natural light.

Stress Control

All of our overnight cat boarding and long term cat boarding guests are housed in a completely separate area of the building from our canine boarders. This helps provide the calm environment that cats tend to prefer. The cat boarding room has a central open area where the cats can play alone or together, depending on temperament and client instructions. This is especially nice for our long term cat boarding guests. We have cat toys available, or if your cat has a particular favorite, you can bring it along! Playtime is not only stimulating, it’s a good stress reliever.


Throughout the day and early evening, our cat boarding room is under observation by our veterinary technicians and our kennel staff. A glass window and door face the hospital lab so that the cats are easily observed. You can observe the cats too! We have a webcam in the kitty condo area that can be accessed over the internet. At check in you may ask for the password which will allow you to log in at any time during your pet's stay.

Medical Boarding

If your pet requires a special diet, you may bring your own food and we will be sure to feed your pet accordingly. If your cat needs daily medication or monitoring we also offer medical boarding. This can often be helpful after surgery or a procedure when a pet is difficult to medicate at home. Taking advantage of overnight cat boarding can ensure your pet gets the medication he or she requires. Take comfort in knowing that your pet’s medical needs are being served by your own veterinary staff while you are away.

Boarding Requirements

All overnight cat boarding and long term cat boarding guests must have proof of current Rabies and FVRCP vaccination. Your cat must also be current on flea control, or flea control will be applied on arrival.

If your cat normally resides in Wilsonville, Beaverton, Tualatin, Lake Oswego, or the Portland Metro area, give us a call! We are an easy trip via I-5 or I-205. You can leave home knowing your cat is in good hands!

Please Complete the Necessary Boarding Forms Before Your Pets Stay, Click Here to Start!

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