Membership Plans

Membership Plans

We are dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and comfortable so that you may enjoy the special wonders a pet can add to your life. We would like to recommend a special wellness plan for your pet that provides worry-free care.

Our Membership Plan Includes:

1. Unlimited Exams: Now you don’t have to wait to check on any condition that may concern you or put off a follow up exam on an existing condition.

2. Vaccines: The plan covers all necessary vaccines pertaining to your pet’s age and lifestyle. For dogs this includes Rabies, Bordetella, Distemper Combo, and Lepto vaccines. For cats this includes Distemper Combo, Purevax Rabies, and Purevax Feline Leukemia Virus vaccines. The Purevax line of vaccines protects your cat from additives that may be associated with injection site sarcomas.

3. Discounts: All products and services are 10% off, excluding food. Some examples of special savings are:

10% off Home Again microchip, including registration
10% off toe nail trims
10% off dental cleaning
10% off prescription medications

Purchase Information

At point of purchase you will make your first monthly payment at check out. All additional monthly payments are via credit or debit card until termination of plan. Payments will occur every month until paid in full. Unless requested in writing within 30 days, the plan will be renewed automatically.

All services must be provided during the twelve months covered under the program. All unused portions will not be subject to refund or carryover. We believe that the services and products included in the program are in the best interest of your pet when used within the time frame of the program. Special discounts and promotions cannot be combined with this plan.

Monthly Fee

Adults over 1 year: $25 per pet

Puppies/Kittens: $32 per pet

Puppies w/ surgery: $47 per pet

Kittens w/ surgery: $40 per pet

Surgery plans require at least four monthly payments or equivalent prior to spay or neuter.

Cancellation fee: $30

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