Cat Adoption Program

Cat Adoption Program

On any given day the Animal Care Clinic Cat Adoption Program shelters a variable number of cats and kittens. Many of them are immediately adoptable. Others are awaiting wellness services or medical treatment prior to adoption. Many are stray cats and kittens that have been brought to us by members of the community. Some are pets that have been relinquished into the program for various reasons. All of them are looking for their forever homes!

How to Adopt

Come for a Visit

Adopting a cat or kitten is a serious decision. We ask that you come to the clinic to visit with the cat of your choice. We encourage you to bring your family. Allow plenty of time for your visit. Many wonderful cats can be timid, shy, or even fearful when introduced to new people. They may need a bit more time to open up and reveal their true personalities.

Meet the Adoption Coordinator

Following your visit, you will need to make arrangements to meet with our Cat Adoption Coordinator, who will tell you more about the cat’s history as well as addressing any special needs or medical conditions that the cat may have. During this visit you will need to fill out an adoption application.

24 hour Waiting Period

There is a mandatory 24 hour waiting period on all adoptions. This gives us time to perform a final exam, and complete any additional services. It gives you time to review your decision and prepare your home and family for the new arrival. If you are a renter, please check your lease or renter’s policies prior to starting the adoption process.

Taking Your Cat Home

On the day you come to the clinic to take home your new cat or kitten we ask that you bring a cat carrier from home, or if necessary, purchase a cardboard carrier from the clinic. Adoption cats must leave the clinic in a carrier, not in your arms – as much as you might want them there!. Adoption and transport can be extremely stressful for a cat. We want to avoid a frightened cat escaping into the parking lot or even escaping from your arms or car prior to entering its new home.


Learn More about our Adoption Policies & Fees 


If you have questions about acclimation, feeding, or basic cat care, feel comfortable calling on your veterinarian for help. We’re here to lend a hand…and an ear!

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